You Have Arrived… Graduate Level Stats Made Easy(ier)

Graduate Level Statistics Made Easy(ier)

I know… you are all wondering where all of the wonderful content went!

Actually, this is more of a placeholder domain and place to take you to get the REAL links. However, the tutoring is customized to YOUR needs. You list the areas where you need extra help and we prepare materials (including the recorded tutoring session) specifically for YOU. The cost is $150 and that includes the 10 min setup (once you arrive in the tutoring “room”) and the one hour and 20 min tutoring session. Considering that normally that would cost $500 for just the session (no recording; no customization; etc.), you are saving quite a lot of money! So, all you need to do is click on the link, below, to find a time slot that works for you and the system will take you through the rest of the process. Then, we will start chatting and figure out what areas you want us to help you overcome and you are on your way to success!


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Ok, wait. Don’t let that scare you off forever. Likely, you are here because you already know me, to some extent. Yes, I have put together more curriculum programs than I can count. I have presented in more states than I can count (not quite up to the global and countries yet; too busy with the stateside). So, we needed a spot to gather in one-spot as a sort of table of contents or on the other end of the book.. the index.

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So, before I have to send up a #babbleAlert (common for me!), you are likely here because you heard about the stats offerings of the team. Yes, the team has been doing this for over 15 years, so no worries there. And, the price has been reduced significantly. For one-on-one sessions, instead of $500 per one-hour session, we have reduced it to $150! Yes, you read that correctly -> $350 SAVINGS! Pretty good if I do say so myself.

Yes! It is all about me and I want to be happy!

Graduate Level Statistics Made Easy(ier)

Remember, this is one-on-one for YOU and you get the recording. You are the star and it is all about what YOU want to learn! So, what are you waiting for (besides waiting for the team to post the testimonials SlideShare that has been promised for a few weeks….) Come back to see that and “hear” what some of the team’s students have been saying! Considering there has never been a negative review, what sort of odds does that give you of being 100% satisfied with your 70% discounted price! See you there (at the time that works BEST for YOU and your schedule!)

Saving $350 and Getting MY Questions Answered is GOOD Enough for Me! Today is the Day!

Graduate Level Statistics Made Easy(ier)

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